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While hyping her new daytime talk show, Katie Couric mentioned that she's asked Sarah Palin to come on the program, an idea we support if only because they might talk about their last face-to-face. But so far, "no response" from Palin, Couric says. Couric's 2008 interview with Palin was utterly captivating, so we're not surprised Couric's looking for a redo now that she's got a new show that needs promotin', but then, given how that interview was received, we're also not super surprised Palin hasn't yet jumped at the offer. On the other hand, when she guest hosted NBC's Today show (the same week Couric guest hosted ABC rival Good Morning America) she good-naturedly appeared on a couch surrounded by newspapers, an apparent allusion to the point in the Couric interview when she couldn't specify which newspapers she reads. So yes, the passage of time has given her a sense of humor about all this, just not enough of one to appear on Couric's untested show.

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