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The Knicks are declining to match a $25 million offer from the Houston Rockets for point guard and sensation Jeremy Lin Tuesday, so off he will go to Houston, leaving nothing but five-month-old memories of Linsanity. Lin became a Disney-grade folk hero in February when his unlikely streak of high scoring games caught the world's pun-happy attention. The move to Houston, though, seemed pretty likely all week after the Knicks acquired their old point guard Raymond Felton. The Rockets offered him a three-year $25 million contract, and the Knicks had the chance to match it.

The Knicks have until midnight to change their decision, reports The New York Times's Howard Beck, but they almost certainly won't. Sure, papers were once willing to declare Linsanity dead, but still, Knicks fans were already upset at the loss of a pretty big draw all week, and they'll only be more so now that the news is actually real, or so it seems on Twitter already. For Lin, though, the move is probably a funny little bookend to a crazy year. The Rockets cut the guy they're now paying tens of millions to come back one day before the beginning of last season. Not bad.

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