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The Daily Show's back after a lengthy break, and Jon Stewart welcomed back viewers--that is, except for the DirecTV subscribers that lost Comedy Central over a dispute between DirecTV and Comedy Central owner Viacom. The satellite operator and programmer couldn't settle over fees, and at midnight last Tuesday, Viacom's 26 channels went dark for DirecTV subscribers, including Comedy Central. Now, both sides are running ad campaigns to try to get viewers to protest the loss of channels. Jon Stewart thinks the campaigns are ridiculous: "Telling people to rise up and demand it, like it's some sort of basic cable Arab Spring? I got news for you. It's not." Stewart notes that there are, in fact, other ways to be entertained, like board games or--gasp!--books. To prove it, Senior Correspondent John Oliver reports form Montclair, New Jersey, where he's giving a live reenactment of The Daily Show for a couple whose DirecTV subscription no longer offers Comedy Central. The couple, to the dramatic shock of Oliver and Stewart, entertain themselves by talking to each other instead.


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