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Egyptian protesters threw tomatoes at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade on Sunday, prompting Jon Stewart to ask on last night's The Daily Show: "I know you there in Egypt are new to the public protest thing, but the literal throwing of tomatoes? It's a bit of cliché, you know what I mean?" He offered up other suggestions, more culturally aligned ones such as shawarma or tahini or "really anything of the foods that came up when we searched 'Egyptian cuisine' on Wikipedia." But Stewart knows what really gets political leaders to respond to public outcries: The Kiss Cam. The Obamas showed up on the big screen during the Olympic basketball game against Brazil, and while the first couple didn't kiss the first time, Kiss Cam operators got them on the second round. "It's one more reason to be thankful Al Gore was never president," Stewart said, showing a clip of a sloppy kiss between Al Gore and his then-wife.


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