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Justin's girl will be putting on a catsuit of some kind and kicking but with Wolverine. Or be kicking Wolverine's butt. It's unclear. Also today: Dianna Agron snags a plum role and Ken Jeong moves up in the world.

Former preacher's daughter Jessica Biel has been cast in The Wolverine, the sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as Viper, a sexy femme fatale. That's a big deal for her! The female lead in a big superhero movie. I mean, the first Wolverine movie felt a little B-list, like a cheap spinoff, so this one probably will too, but this is still a big deal. Jessica Biel might become a movie star after all. She's been tryin' and tryin' and tryin' for years now, with limited returns, but between this and Total Recall she could actually pull it off. And if that David O. Russell movie she starred in ever actually comes out, well then forget about it. It could really happen for her. And we're not quite sure how we feel about that. [Deadline]

Speaking of rising actresses, Glee's monotone princess Dianna Agron has been cast as Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro's daughter in the Luc Besson-directed thriller Malavita. The movie is about a former mob boss hiding out with his family in a small town in Normandy, so this doesn't seem likely, but we still hope this news means that Dianna Agron will soon be wandering around saying "Cheekan good" and "Leeloo Dallas multipass." It's Luke Besson! And that's what Luke Besson does best. [The Hollywood Reporter]

One of the new showrunners of aggressive cult comedy Community made a big promise at ComicCon today: "We’re not going to screw it up." You know, because the show's irascible creator/mastermind Dan Harmon got fired so now these dudes are in charge. It was brave of him to make this promise, and we wish him well, but c'mon, the guy's doomed. Totally doomed. The whole thing is doomed. Have you ever met a Community fan? They are never happy. Never ever. And they will especially not be happy about non-Harmon episodes of their beloved show. Get out while you can, dudes. Seriously get out while you can. [Deadline]

Ugh. Speaking of Community, that show's most irksome star, Ken Jeong, is getting an "expanded role" in the third Hangover film. You remember he's the drug-snorting weirdo guy with the hilaaaaarious accent in the other two movies? He has small-ish parts in those. But now he's going to be a much bigger part. So that's great. Really what everyone's been clamoring for. More Ken Jeong, not less. Great thinking, everyone. Way to read the signs. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Jennifer Lopez is apparently leaving American Idol because Fox wouldn't meet her demands for a $17 million paycheck. Ha! $17 million?? Sure she was already making $15 million for basically doing nothing, but 17 is just beyond the pale. That sounds like a deliberately insanely high demand. Like, "I wanna leave but, hey, if you want to pay me seventeen million dollars I'll stay." And then Fox was like "What? No, that's crazy," and J.Lo said "Then we're done here," and walked out and drove away feeling pretty good about herself. Or, y'know, she actually expected to get it and then Fox was blindsided her by saying no so she left out of pride. Either way. The point is, J.Lo's gone, guys. Back to focus on her thriving music and film careers. Hm. [The Wrap]

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