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The New York Knickerbockers made a deal to acquire their old point guard Raymond Felton in a move many are calling a sign the city's golden boy, Jeremy Lin, is on his way to playing in Houston next year. 

Lin is a restricted free agent, which means the Knicks get the opportunity to match any offer from another team before they let him go officially. The Houston Rockets have offered Lin a three year contract worth $25 million in guaranteed money. The Knicks have said they're planning on matching the Rockets' offer, but according to the New York Post's Marc Berman things soured when Lin leaked that information to the Rockets organization. The Rockets' original offer was for less money, but after they knew the Knicks were going to match they upped their offer. 

And now everyone's afraid Lin's going to Texas next year. South Carolina sportscaster Mark Haggard says Felton told him the Knicks were going to let Linsanity leave. The New York Times' Howard Beck and Nate Taylor say the team has three people who share Lin's position, which is rare, but they could use one of them in a different role. (Though one of those players was arrested for driving under the influence last night.)

Knicks fans, generally, are not pleased. Once you wade through reporters' stories on Twitter, Knicks fans are pretty upset. We should point out that this is purely speculation, and the Knicks have until midnight on Tuesday to decide what to do with Lin. If it's true, we'll miss him. The Lin legend began in February after his first two starts. The kid took New York, and the nation, by storm. Their were T-shirts, a book deal, racist headlines, and a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor. Newspapers fell out of love with Linsanity headlines before he was injured at the end of the season, but Knicks' fans hoped he would return next year. Now, they're not sure and not taking it well. The next round's on us. 

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