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Newt Gingrich and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi both appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening, and the two got along quite swimmingly. But the love between the Gingrich family and Snooki started well before the show went to air, and led to one of the best Intsagrams of all time.

By all accounts, their interviews on the show went quite well. Newt complimented Snooki for being a New York Times best seller and she said she was trying to be more like him. They fist-bumped, so on the official BFF scale they're two steps away from slumber parties and friendship bracelets. It's on Twitter where they really show their affection for one another, though. Here's the only video NBC has available right now: 

Politico first noted tweets from Newt's account that appeared yesterday (later deleted) about how excited he and Callista were to meet Ms. Polizzi. Then, during today's tapings, the two new best friends couldn't contain themselves any longer and finally let the world know: 

But it was Callista who had the best Tweet of the day, Instagramming the three of them in a picture that will become every blogger in Washington's new desktop background by lunchtime Thursday. It's our desktop picture as we type this: 

The picture, in full: 

We can't decide what part is our favorite. Is it Snooki and Calista's matching yellow outfits? Is it Snooki's peace sign? No, it's how Callista and Snooki are looking at another camera while Newt knows to look at this one. Argh! There's too many choices. 

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