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Once again, another wacky cast of animals voiced by bored famous people sequel steals money from American families. Welcome to the most cynical Box Office report yet. 

1. Ice Age: Continental Drift (Fox): $46 million in 3,881 theatres

Ray Romano back. Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, and Romano have all returned to the roles that made them famous to kids who could never spell their names for the fourth Ice Age movie. Because no one under the age of 15 has any idea who the stars of the movie are, Fox added Drake and Nicki Minaj as characters to make sure their movie was "hip" enough for young audiences. Vulture wrote down all of Drake and Minaj's dialogue. As far as we can tell, their characters are the prehistoric equivalent of Poochie the Rockin' Dog

2. The Amazing Spider-Man (Sony): $35 million in 4,318 theaters [Week 2]

We didn't stick around to wait for an after credit scene (because Spidey's made by Sony it's not part of the Avengers movie universe), but we hear that at the end he finally finds Uncle Ben's mugger.

3. Ted (Universal): $22.1 million in 3,303 theaters [Week 3]

Universal must be thanking their lucky stars this was a hit. Ted cost $50 million to make and has grossed over $150 million since it's opening weekend. Remember when Snow White was coming out and there was a bunch of talk about Universal's horrible year and how execs were going to get fired if things didn't turn around? It's a good turn around story, if you like turn around stories about rich movie executives finally overcoming the odds and making millions of dollars. 

4. Brave (Buena Vista/Pixar): $10.7 million in 3,392 theaters [Week 4]

Brave is battling to stay out of the Pixar box office basement. It's already earned more than Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Cars 2 and is hot on the heels of overtaking Ratatouille. Unless you factor in ticket price inflation, in which case it's only ahead of Cars 2. Welp. 

5. Magic Mike (Warner Brothers): $9 million in 3,090 theaters [Week 3]

Magic Mike is still here! Savages collapsed in its second week so Mike got to hold onto the number five spot. Magic Mike is the little movie about male strippers that could. 


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