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Now this is a Tumblr we want to see carry on for a while, though it looks like a lot of work: A companion volume to the enigmatic and wildly popular @Horse_ebooks Twitter account, explaining the origin of the non-sequitur comments we love. The Annotated @Horse_ebooks, by former Wonkette editor and current Onion writer Jack Stuef is new, but with just three entries, it's amazingly exhaustive. 

"Yes, I'm sort of ruining it," Stuef wrote in his first entry. But whatever, nobody's making us read it. We're actually quite fascinated to know where the impossibly off-the-wall quotes that regularly dribble out of the @Horse_ebooks account come from. Thanks to some strong detective work from Gawker's Adrian Chen in February, we know who's behind the mysterious account. Alexey Kouznetsov has since confirmed its his creation by adding it to his online résumé. But the question of where its content comes from has gone unanswered until now. Take a look at a screenshot from Stuef's latest explanation and just see if you can resist going to fill in the rest of the @Horse_ebooks story over at his Tumblr:

More please! Check out the whole site at The Annotated @Horse_ebooks.

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