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Hollywood is completely out of ideas, as we know, so they're continuing to dig through the attic for old stuff to spruce up. Here's the news on two new remakes, plus some other showbiz tidbits.

What ever happened to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?? Well, it came out fifty years ago and that was like soooo long ago and no one remembers it anymore so why not just make a new one? Yup, there's a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? remake in the works, so pretty soon you'll get to see Jessica Biel or some other monster say "But y'are, Blanche. You are in that chair!" Well, no, it'd have to be someone older. Who should it be? Rene Russo and Sharon Stone? That'd be pretty low-budge. Maybe Judy Davis and Patti LuPone? That would never get made. Oh, oh, what about Goldie Hawn and Bernadette Peters? That wouldn't get made either. What about Madea? Just Madea. And, I dunno, they'd figure the rest out. It could work! Who would YOU cast? [Deadline]

Another remake! This one only slightly less ill-advised. Ed Helms is apparently in talks to star in a reboot of the National Lampoon's Vacation series. Now, Vacation and Christmas Vacation are just about perfect movies (European Vacation has its moments, Vegas Vacation is mostly kind of sad), and we don't think those should be messed with, but overall this isn't necessarily a terrible idea. See, the hook here is that Helms would play not a new Clark Griswold, but rather Sparky's son Rusty all grown up and taking his own family on an ill-fated vacation. So... Hm. Who knows. Where could they go? Asian Vacation would just be The Hangover II. Maybe Canadian Vacation. Nothing happens for two hours except everyone gets a free checkup. They have options. A weird tidbit about this movie: It's going to be co-directed by John Francis Daley from Freaks & Geeks. Sheesh. Rusty Griswold's a dad, Sam Weir's directing a movie... Everyone's growing up. [The Hollywood Reporter]

All right, shut up everybody. Stop clamoring about Arrested Development. The new Netflix episodes of the cult show begin shooting in four weeks. OK? Are you satisfied? Maybe now we can all move on with our lives and stop crying over this thing's grave. It's coming back. They're starting in four weeks. So that's that. Dry the tears, shut down the blog. The world spins forward. [Vulture]

Drew Goddard, who wrote on Lost but more importantly co-wrote and directed the recent delight Cabin in the Woods, has been brought in to rewrite the ending of the problem-plagued World War Z. His Lost boss Damon Lindelof came in and cooked up a new ending, but he didn't have time to actually write the damn thing (blessing in disguise?) so Goddard was brought in. Good choice, folks! Hopefully he can save this movie, because it would be fun if it was good. [Deadline]

Continuing its streak of genius guest casting, The Good Wife has enlisted Amanda Peet to come aboard the show for a few episodes. She'll play a client of Alicia's who becomes her friend, and then presumably tequila shots are drunk and interesting things happen. Yay for Amanda Peet! She is very likable and good and never quite gets the right work. This feels like the right work, though. [Entertainment Weekly]

Human meat fort Channing Tatum will produce and star in a biopic of famous daredevil Evel Knievel. Which is smart casting because if a stunt goes wrong he's got all that meat cushioning to protect his meat bones. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Tobey Maguire is the last major cast member to jump aboard Jason Reitman's next film Labor Day, a coming-of-age sorta thing based on a novel by Joyce Maynard. Maguire will play the grownup version of the kid who comes of age and will narrate the movie, which also stars Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, J.K. Simmons, and Brooke Smith. Man, that's a sad coming-of-age story. "And then in the end I grew up to be Tobey Maguire." "Oh...." [Deadline]

Here's a new trailer for Gangster Squad, the 1930s set L.A. noir thing. It's the rap music, "crime is cool" trailer meant to lure in teenage boys who might otherwise be scared away by all the period costumes. Those are always pretty embarrassing trailers, huh?

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