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After a break last weekend, we're back to the regularly scheduled Box Office Report programming. We're going to use the power of dance to help get you through this.

1. The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.): $64.1 million in 4,404 theatres [Week 2]

The big story at the box office this weekend isn't about any movie's individual success, but that as a whole no one made money. Sure, Nolan's lackluster Batman movie made over $60 million and broke even domestically on its $250 million production cost. But every other movie couldn't rub two pennies together. Attendance was down by 25% compared to the same weekend last year, mostly because of leftover anxiety from the Aurora shooting, and people staying home to watch the Olympics. Also, we're waiting for Killer Joe to get a wide release, because chicken wings.

2. Ice Age: Continental Drift (Fox): $13.3 million in 3,869 theaters [Week 3]

3. The Watch (Fox): $13 million in 3,168 theaters 

It doesn't help that the biggest movie opening this weekend was an R-rated comedy with Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and a guy from The IT Crowd. Vaughn and Stiller can't connect anymore. The movie's directed by Akiva Schaffer, one of the Lonely Island guys, which is interesting, but it suffered from a late name change after the Trayvon Martin shooting. It was going to be called Neighborhood Watch, but after Trayvon they changed the title, and pulled and reworked the trailers. Nikki Finke has some interesting comments from Fox execs on the movie. In any event, this bombed.

4. Step Up Revolution (Summit): $11.8 million in 2,567 theaters 

I haven't seen this yet, but I bet a guy and a girl fall in love, but some kind of socioeconomic divide almost keeps them apart. Until, through the magic of flash mobs, they find a way to overcome the odds, save their school or community center, and end up together. 

5. Ted (Fox): $7.4 million in 3,129 theaters [Week 5]

People are still seeing Mark Wahlberg smoke weed with a teddy bear. This made more than $200 million. People, we need to talk. 

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