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Today in showbiz: Harry Potter tries out a new genre, Juliette Lewis gets a big break again, and Andrew Stanton receives his post-John Carter sentence.

Daniel Radcliffe may have once wooed Ginny Weasely, but that was amid lots of wizard battles and Snape attacks and whatnot, so he barely had any time to be romantic. But now he does. He's just been cast in an indie romantic comedy called The F Word, which allll about f*ckin'. Ha, no, no, it's about friendship. Meaning, Radcliffe gets put in the ol' "friend zone" by Zoe Kazan. (Better than being put in the communist zone by Elia Kazan.) So can Radcliffe pull off romantic comedy? He basically did in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway, so why not in some raggedy little indie movie? Have at it, Danny boy. Just don't go do a movie with Katherine Heigl next if this works out. [Variety]

After a few years out on the fringes, Juliette Lewis may be returning to big prestige drama. (No, I am not counting Conviction.) The Oscar-nominated actress is in talks to join the cast of August: Osage County, the movie based on the terrific Pulitzer-winning play that already stars Meryl Streep and, ugh, Julia Roberts. So that would be a good project for her. She's really so good and doesn't work near often enough. Maybe this will fix that. After this one she can do a romantic comedy with Katherine Heigl Daniel Radcliffe. [Deadline]

Another great, weird, underemployed actress has gotten a juicy role. Amanda Plummer has been cast in the next Hunger Games film, Catching Fire, as addled veteran tribute Wiress. It's not a terribly big part, but it is integral to the story. So, good for Amanda Plummer! Last year, dad wins an Oscar, this year she gets a part in a big blockbuster. Things are looking good for the Plummers. Well, not all of them. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Kristen Bell has been cast in a movie called The Lifeguard, about a woman who quits her job, moves home, becomes a lifeguard, and starts dating a sixteen-year-old boy. The movie will be written and directed by Darren, that kid who works the snack counter by the locker rooms who keeps staring at you. [Deadline]

Robin Thicke has landed a role in a movie. So at least one Thicke is acting these days! Hi-yo! Bingo, bango, boom! Zing! Eat that, Alan Thicke. [Entertainment Weekly]

After Andrew Stanton's disastrous John Carter this spring, it only makes sense that he'd return to animated films where he belongs. Yes, Stanton has been sent back to the cartoon hut, where he will direct the Finding Nemo sequel. So, that's OK. That's a pretty good gig, actually. I mean, it could have been a lot worse. "Mr. Stanton, this is The Cleveland Show. This is your home now." Finding Nemo 2 is a hell of a lot better than that. Hell, it's probably better than John Carter. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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