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We all thought the divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise would take forever, or at least be extremely difficult, but their lawyers are in New York negotiating the old fashioned way.

TMZ is reporting the couple and their lawyers are in New York working on a settlement agreement right now. They're discussing custody and visitation rights for Suri, as well as a property settlement. 

They're also reporting that everything could be filed in New York. The Hollywood Reporter pointed us to an interview Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields gave to BBC News where he threatened to file a rival lawsuit in another state. He didn't specify where, but the most popular theory was a California filing because of a greater chance to win joint custody of Suri. TMZ is reporting the negotiations are going well enough that Cruise's camp is cooling on that threat. 

It also appears they're avoiding a lengthy, complicated Scientology style divorce. There won't be any marathon interrogation session disguised as couples counseling for them!

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