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Hello Monday; hello dubious trend story! Allegedly, the latest "technique" demonstrated by women seeking men to date is to hop onto commuter trains and head for more fertile ground in the land of the cul-de-sac. According to the New York Post's Tara Palmeri, "Gorgeous single women are ditching the Manhattan dating scene in droves — and are increasingly looking for sex and love in the suburbs."

Quick zoology lesson: wolves travel in packs, birds like to flock, and women travel in droves. This drove migration is the expected evolutionary development in a long-continued trope: "Some of the city’s most eligible bachelorettes told The Post the trend developed when they grew fed up with immature city men who aren’t willing to commit." 

It is a widely established figure of speech that there are no good men in New York City—they are "too few" and "too bad" as we've heard over and over again, from TV (Sex and the City being perhaps the worst offender) to our friends (always supportive, those gals) to even, sometimes, the actual stats. But according to the last batch of memorable numbers, there are more men in the city than women, if you know where to look, and anyway, who said an equal gender breakdown was a requirement for finding someone "good"? 

Nonetheless! If some of the city's "most eligible bachelorettes" are doing it, we should learn what they have to teach, no? So, what's so great about the suburbs? 

  • Young men! "'Greenwich guys have gotten a lot younger,' said raven-haired Megan Glynn, 30." (Not too young, we hope; no one's looking for a Benjamin Button "situation.")
  • Hot suburban clubs like L'Escale, where an actual proven love connection was made between Glynn and an actual proven finance person!
  • A chance to participate in lemming theory: “'Everybody’s doing it,' says Anna Rothschild, an Upper East Side divorcee who takes a town car to Greenwich a few times a month." 
  • The dating experts say so: "Location, location, location," and “Don’t just look at the radius of NYC. You don’t know who you are going to meet outside of the city," is the chorus here. Keep your eyes peeled and your GPS handy.
  • Less competition (Glynn cites fewer "attractive" women in the 'burbs). And the guys are "normal," less pretentious, plain old "steak and potatoes" types, the kind you can move right into a house with, because he already bought it with all the money he's not spent on bottle service in the swanky Manhattan clubs. Also he has no roommates. In short: He is perfect. 
  • The men are just begging women to come out! “'If you look, you’ll see these single guys advertising online, ‘Come out here, come date me,’ said relationship expert Heidi Banks."

If they ask it, you must buy a train ticket and go. Of course, you have to love commuting, too, but Metro-North never cheats. Or does it? Anyway, we're all for this trend, as long as it means we don't have to leave Brooklyn.

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