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Cloud Atlas - Trailer [VO|HQ] by Lyricis

The first trailer for Cloud Atlas, a collabo joint by Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis, based on the cult hit novel by David Mitchell, has been released, and boy is it strange. We knew it was going to be at least a little odd, seeing as the story, or rather stories, spans from the 1800s to a distant dystopian future, but this trailer is just really out there.

First of all it's five minutes long, twice the length of a normal trailer. Though, maybe it needs to be, as the film tells six different stories spread across centuries. Mostly the trailer is strange because what the hell is going on? Tom Hanks and Halle Berry play two love-at-first-sighters in the 1970s, and some sort of futuristic couple fleeing futuristic barbarians. Jim Sturgess meets a robot clone kind of a lady, while Jim Broadbent has a toilet plunger smooshed in his face. Oh, and then Hanks briefly appears with a bald cap and a truly terrible goatee. This movie has everything!

We're all for grand, ambitious moviemaking, and despite their various films' many faults, that's typically what Tykwer and the Wachowskis have given us in the past, so we're cautiously optimistic about this movie. This trailer presents a curious and curiously stirring muddle; it's a little off-putting, and yet also an urgent enticement to see the film and piece it all together. Obviously those who've read the novel are already in-the-know plot-wise and may feel differently about what this first look shows us, but we uninitiated are intrigued. This could easily be a mess, all the framework for a true disaster is certainly there. But for some reason, maybe it's the rousing music, maybe it's Susan Sarandon's scratchy purr narration, we're strangely excited.

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