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It's only been around six months since the new, revamped CBS This Morning hit the air, and it appears the network has already grown tired of its current co-host lineup, as CBS announced today that the network's chief White House correspondent, Norah O'Donnell, will be replacing current co-host and Early Show alum Erica Hill. Hill's co-hosts are Charlie Rose and Gayle King, both of were tapped at the end of 2011 to revamp the network's morning news show.

"CBS said that Ms. O’Donnell would start on the morning show sometime in the fall," reports The New York Times' Brian Stelter, adding "The network did not specify why Ms. Hill was being moved off the show, nor did it say what she would be doing next." In CBS's own report, Hill is in discussions "for a new role." Big picture-wise, This Morning has been playing third fiddle to the ratings war between Good Morning America and Today, as Stelter notes that on a usual day that both those shows have twice the audience of This Morning.

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