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Welcome back to the Box Office Report where we are welcoming our new, sticky box office overlord. 

1. The Amazing Spider-Man (Sony): $65 million in 4,318 theaters

Since debuting on Tuesday, the web head's cashed in a huge $140 million opening week. That's not bad, until you compare it to the three previous Spidey movies. Our Richard Lawson took a few shots at the movie leading up to its release, and then magically ended up loving it. We wish we could say the same. We were so excited, and our hopes were so high, but ultimately we came away disappointed. We're chalking it up to the fact that we're a nitpicky, old Spider-Man nerd who once owned over 200 single issues of the wall crawler's adventures. At least Sam Raimi got the details right. Feel free to mock accordingly. 

2. Ted (Universal): $32.6 million in 3,256 theaters [Week 2]

Ted! The little, swearing stuffed bear that could! Universal's record breaking bear came in strong on his second weekend. Mark Whalberg's never made so much money off a Salvia trip. 

3. Brave (Buena Vista/Pixar): $20.2 million in 3,819 theaters [Week 3]

Fun facts: in case you were unaware, it is only July. It's still early in July, too! And, at this early stage of the year, Disney has made one billion dollars at the box office. Domestically. As in, just the U.S. and Canada. A billion dollars! That's James Bond villain money! I mean, more than half of that is from The Avengers because it was one of the biggest movies ever, so it's understandable that way. But still, we're looking at a potential $1.5 billion, or more, year for Disney. That's so many rides on Space Mountain. 

4. Savages (Universal): $16.1 million in 2,628 theaters 

Savages is so the wrong title for this movie. It should have been Beautiful People Selling Drugs and Touching Each Other. How many teenagers are sneaking into that movie? All of them. Literally all of them. 

5. Magic Mike (Warner Brothers): $15.6 million in 3,120 theaters [week 2]

Apparently there's no box office staying power for Soderburgh's Beefcake Bachelorette Parties 7. Magic Mike's number fell 60 percent from last week. Yikes. 

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