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Technically the character, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, whom we meet in the new trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, is named Lancaster Dodd. But the movie is supposedly based on the origins of Scientology, so the guy is supposed to be L. Ron Hubbard, right?

Like the first trailer for this hotly anticipated film, the new glimpse doesn't show us all that much, but there's a similar creepy vibe running throughout and the same plodding, tick-tock music. We also get a peek at Amy Adams as Dodd's wife, though it's of course still unclear how exactly she factors into the bigger story.

But as for Hoffman, as the editor of Cigarettes & Redvines, an Anderson fan site, notes on Twitter, there is something of a visual similarity between his character and Scientology founder/prophet Hubbard:

The two aren't that similar, but there's a certain connection that we can't imagine was a mistake. It will be interesting to find out how far the comparison goes. 

We are pretty excited to see this movie! It's so far looking almost like a horror movie, at least in the way that Anderson's last feature There Will Be Blood was kind of a horror movie. Too bad we have to wait until October 12th to see just how scary it gets. Hurry up and end, summer! Well, wait, actually, no, don't. 

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