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After Stephen Colbert announced his intentions to take over Sweden's national Twitter account (operation #artificialswedener), we're betting that it's only a matter of time before the Swedish tourist board hands over the password to the Comedy Central personality. Then the real fun will begin. 

Last night Colbert riffed on the Swedish Twitter disaster (video below), where one random Swede gets control of the country's national Twitter account each week. And this week we saw some idiotic Hitler jokes and a Henry Blodget moment courtesy of  Sonja Abrahamsson, this week's tweeter. Hence Colbert's proposal that he should run the Twitter account. And we think he just might do it. Colbert is the socio-political-internet campaign guru--name us another fictional personality (Herman Cain does not count) who could raise over $1 million for a ridiculous Super PAC, land in Maxim's Hot 100, nearly get a bridge in Hungary named after him, or beat an actual GOP candidate in South Carolina? The hashtag he proposed last night, #artificialswedener, is already taking off, and we don't envy the person on the other side of this Visit Sweden e-mail account he tweeted out this morning (50+ Retweets already):

And here's the Colbert campaign to turn Sweden into the Colbert Nation Cjolbert Nation: 

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