SNL's Sofia Vergara Episode: 5 Best Scenes

[From the opening monologue, in which she thanked America for welcoming her "with open arms and pulled-down pants," Sofia Vergara strutted her stuff—comedic and otherwise—in what proved to be a strong episode. Also making her debut this week was new featured player, Kate McKinnon (the show's first openly gay performer since Terry Sweeney), who appeared in a fake Pantene commercial as Penelope Cruz and as Tabatha Coffey of Bravo's Tabatha Takes Over. Kristin Wiig (who along with Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg is rumored to be leaving after this season) revived her formerly retired "Gilly" character for a sketch with Vergara as a sex-ed teacher. Vergara appeared almost as often during the commercial breaks as during the show—turning up in ads for everything from Pepsi to Kmart to Covergirl and the new Three Stooges movie. Musical guest boy band One Direction, performed "What Makes You Beautiful" and "One Thing," also making a cameo as Sofia Vergara's bewigged, mustachioed children in a new installment of the Manuel Ortiz show.]

Some highlights...

Zooey Deschanel (Abby Elliott) is back with a new installment of Bein' Quirky, the show celebrating "the quirky lifestyle," featuring Michael Cera (Taran Killam), Drew Barrymore (Kristin Wiig), Blossom star Mayim Bialik (Andy Samberg), and Sofia Vergara as a brassy Fran Drescher.

Eat it if you dare... "Almost Pizza" (from Pfizer)

Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) drops by Weekend Update to discuss coping with family on Easter. ("All the kids care about these days is, 'Is this wifi organic?'"...)

TV executive Andy Cohen (Taran Killam) hosts Bravo's Watch What Happens: Live, with guests GG (Nasim Pedrad) and Mercedes (Sofia Vergara) of The Shahs of Sunset and Bishop Desmond Tutu (Kenan Thompson) of forthcoming Bravo reality show, Tutu Hot Tutu Handle.

Sportscaster Sofia Vergara checks in with participants in the 74th annual Hunger Games, brought to you by Tylenol: ("Got a spear in your head?... Tylenol...")

Also: Cold open—Chameleon Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) ingratiates himself with groups across the country—from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to the 2012 Piercing Convention.

NEXT, on April 14: Josh Brolin, with musical guest Gotye.