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An important update to our morning gossip: Lindsay Lohan may be missing her date with Greta van Sustern to the White House Correspondents Dinner because, TMZ reports, she seems to have missed her flight from LAX. 

Van Sustern invited the troubled party girl to sit at the Fox News table at D.C.'s annual Nerd Prom. Side question: Will this be a nerdier prom than the one Lohan's Mean Girls character showed up to wearing a heinous Mathletes team blazer? Anyway, TMZ has fun details, noting she "just couldn't pull it together" and was out late last night. But, there's hope she'll just be catching a later flight, as Nerd Prom isn't until Saturday night. Guys, she's just being fashionably late. Isn't Nerd Prom fun?

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