SNL's Jonah Hill Episode: 5 Best Scenes

[Jonah Hill, reinflated to almost his original size, presided over a hit-or-miss episode in which the cast seemed to be having a good time, judging by their frequent outbursts of laughter. Taran Killam played Rush Limbaugh in the cold open, railing against such former sponsors as "the sluts at TurboTax" and "the prostitutes at the American Heart Association" for abandoning him, and assuring listeners that plenty of new sponsors—like the Syria Tourism Board and Depends for Racists—are clamoring to take their place. Musical guest the Shins performed "Simple Song" and "It's Only Life."]

Some highlights...

The monologue—Jonah Hill (in pretentious mini-glasses and flowing scarves) shows off his Academy Award nomination, but is outdone by Tom Hanks, who drops by with his two Oscars.

Stefon (Bill Hader) drops by Weekend Update to offer some reliably weird New York City tourist tips (featuring "Hepracons," "Hoombas" and "Football Jellyfish"), and gives Seth Meyers an extended St. Patrick's Day kiss.

Paula Deen (Kristin Wiig) drops by Weekend Update (brandishing a chicken leg and stick of butter) to discuss her ongoing legal troubles, and to assure viewers that she would never use "the bad N-word" (nutrition).

Jonah Hill reprises his role as wisecracking 6-year-old Adam Grossman, out for an evening of Benihana dining with his uptight dad (Bill Hader) and his dad's new girlfriend (Vanessa Bayer).

Animal behaviorist Jonah Hill presents his talking monkey, Brutus, to the press, with disturbing results. (Who exactly played Brutus under the fake fur and makeup was a subject of heavy speculation on Twitter).

Also: Harkening back to last year's "Ann-Margaret Tries to Throw Away a Wad of paper into a Trash can," Kristin Wiig is Liza Minelli in "Liza Minelli Tries to Turn off a Lamp"; Digital Short—Andy Samberg, John McEnroe, and a ghost kill and revive Jonah Hill by hitting him in the groin with tennis balls; and Andy Samberg attempts to fill in for Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

NEXT, on April 7: Sofia Vergara, with musical guest One Direction.