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Heritage Auctions has the perfect gift for that recently deceased friend or loved one in your life: A real, hardbound copy of The Handbook for the Recently Deceased, the manual for ghosts that "reads like stereo instructions," from Tim Burton's 1988 classic Beetlejuice. In fact, according to the auction description, it should read more like a psychology textbook, which is what the book actually is beneath its cover:

This piece was consigned directly by J.C. Bennett, a young production assistant who worked on the film back in 1987-1988. J.C. remembers there were a few identical handbooks like this that the Prop Department made as more than one was used during filming. Though many replicas of this 'Handbook for the Recently Deceased' have been offered over the years on eBay and elsewhere, this one is an actual screen-used prop from the Tim Burton classic. A letter from Bennett outlining this prop's provenance is included

Interested? It'll cost you. The auction is currently at $1,800. Bennett (who is listed in Beetlejuice's credits on IMDB) is also selling a copy of The Living and the Dead, a glossy magazine that also appears in the film, which is currently at $800. Of course, if you don't want to shell out for the real deal, you can always get one of these Etsy replicas for $20. (h/t Goldenfiddle)

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