The (Last) Return of Donald Westlake

WestlakeCover.jpgThis is a trifecta! I'm able to knit together three previous contacts and/or themes.

#1: Patrick Anderson, who was long ago my mentor/boss on the Carter '76 campaign team, and who since then has been a book writer and regular book reviewer for the Washington Post.

#2: The late Donald Westlake, a master of the comedic crime novel who was so prolific that he adopted a whole slew of pen names, much as Michael Crichton did, to avoid possible recoil at the sheer quantity of his (nonetheless very good) work. Previous mention here.

#3: Charles Ardai, whose wonderful Hard Case crime-novel series I've raved about before.

#1 -> #2 -> #3 harmonic convergence triple play: Two days ago in the Washington Post,  Anderson reviewed The Comedy is Finished, a recently discovered book by Westlake, that is coming out under Ardai's Hard Case imprint. (The book also has one of Hard Case's trademark 1950s pulp-look covers, at right. Another example is below -- from a book by Ardai himself under his alias, Aleas.) I would be a fool to ignore this combination of auguries, so I've ordered the book. Will check in with results.