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Like many great Internet and sports starts before him, it looks like New York Knicks phenom Jeremy Lin will get a book deal. Nothing is official yet, but Forbes' Jeff Bercovici reports that Lin has a literary agent shopping his story around:

Publishers are already starting to circle the New York Knicks’ overnight sensation, who’s leading his team to a long-overdue resurgence. I’m told literary agent Richard Abate of 3 Arts Entertainment is representing him, although it’s not clear if there’s a proposal yet. (I called and emailed Abate but he wasn’t immediately available for comment.) Industry sources say a Lin memoir would likely score an advance of at least $500,000, which could climb into seven figures given a strong proposal.

We see someone biting, considering the Internet's appetite for Linsanity. He's already landed the covers of Sports Illustrated and Time Asia and become a bona-fide Web meme. We see a Linstant best seller. And at $500,000 that's really a Lincredible deal. (But it's nothing compared to Amanda Knox's reported $4 million). We bet there'll be a Lin memoir, Lin no time. 

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