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We realize there's only so much time one can spend in a day watching new trailers, viral video clips, and shaky cell phone footage of people arguing on live television. This is why every day The Atlantic Wire highlights the videos that truly earn your fiveminutes (or less) of attention. Today: a first look at Billy Crystal's return as Oscars host, a digital moment of silence for Steve Jobs, and a young Liam Neeson's experiences as a guest player on Miami Vice.

At last, we have video proof that Billy Crystal is hosting the Academy Awards next month. See that's him, goofing around behind the scenes with oversized prop Oscars and using a very serious voice to explain how the Academy Awards broadcast is the "granddaddy of all the shows." The video has been uploaded to coincide with the relaunch of, and is part of the "Oscar Digital Experience," the centerpiece of which is a hugely elaborate interactive timeline that will cause all but the fastest computers to wheeze and rattle.  [ via The Hollywood Reporter]

Lots of people in Hollywood say they want to direct, but apparently Scarlett Johansson means it. Three months after getting a gaggle of independent producers to let her mangle direct an adaptation of the lost Truman Capote novella Summer Crossing, she's directed a music video for Jessie Baylin. Per MTV, they're "old pals", which  explains how Johansson got the gig directing the video for Baylin's song "Hurry Hurry," but not where she picked up her predilection for blinding lens flares.  [MTV via The New York Observer]

Ad agency Narf is behind "The Steve Jobs Moment of Silence," which is the video tribute to Steve Jobs we've seen that feels like it could have been commissioned by Steve Jobs. It's warm and touching, but you never quite forget that that warmth is being generated by something that needs to be regularly charged.  [Co.Create]

Over at The New York Times, there's a new video in which David Carr and Brian Stelter explain why Wikipedia is going dark tomorrow, all while sitting excruciatingly close to each other. Sadly, it's unembeddable, so you'll have to click through to see more of Carr's vibrant scarlet scarf. [The New York Times]

Liam Neeson is appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight to promote his new movie The Grey, which takes a backseat to a weird and strange story about an early-career guest appearance he made on Miami Vice. The story probably won't sell many tickets to The Grey, but will help Neeson inch his way closer to becoming a Hollywood character-of-note, a la Christopher Walken, Teri Garr, and Alec Baldwin. [NBC]

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