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Off word that Newt Gingrich's (second) ex-wife would give ABC a tell-all interview, Jon Stewart had yet another chance to lay into the former speaker for all his past infidelities. Normally, both Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry dropping out of the race would have made for a pretty good week for Newt, campaign-wise. If only his ex, Marianne, wasn't about to blab on national TV how Gingrich asked her for an open marriage while she was sick. Cue the standard footage of Newt delivering family-values talking pointing, and many rapid one-liners as Stewart lampoons his infidelity. "The open marriage revelation is in keeping with Newt's philosophy. He's a free-market man... Free of onerous regulation... He's just encouraging competition... Creative destruction... Pro-creative destruction... He wants his hands to be invisible... Well we can go all day like this." Proof that even decades later, Gingrich's hypocrisy on the sanctity of marriage can still be fresh comedic fodder.

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