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Last week we were very excited to report that one blogger apparently determined that Ice Cube's "good day" was actually January 20, 1992, but today another Internet sleuth is punching holes in that theory. Unfortunately, the new theory is probably right.

On Friday blogging hero Donovan Strain came to the meticulously researched conclusion that Ice Cube's titular "good day" from 1993's "It Was a Good Day" could have only been January 20, 1992 through a process of elimination based clues from song like the days when Yo! MTV Raps aired, when Lakers beat the SuperSonics, etc.

Throwing a wrench in Mr. Strain's research, writer named Rebekah points out that Yo! MTV Raps didn't air that day in 1992, based on the show's Wikipedia page. Another person, Mike (pointed out by Max Read at Gawker), even more damningly claims that it is unlikely that Ice Cube got "a beep from Kim" for a booty call since the likely Kim, Ice Cube's financee by 1992, was eight-months pregnant at the time. Mike posits November 30, 1988, originally eliminated on the faulty assumption that beepers weren't around that year. But there's a complication with that day too! Notice how the kid at the beginning is wearing Cross Colors-brand clothing? That line was launched in 1989. Though this easily could be an accidental anachronism in the video, it's troubling to come to the conclusion that we may be living in a world in which we cannot know when Ice Cube's day went well.

Clearly the blogging public is yearning to know the "good day" date. This is after all very important work. 

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