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Another day, another horrifying multicamera sitcom that makes us scratch our heads in confusion. Last night we were given ¡Rob!, a CBS program starring Rob Schneider as a plain ol' regular guy who has a quickie marriage to a Mexican-American woman and has culture clash with her family.

There is exactly one joke in ¡Rob!. The single source of humor on the show is that this family is Mexican and Rob Schneider is not. That's it. That's the show's joke and it is simply made over and over again for twenty-three minutes and then it's done, only to be repeated, we'd assume, for twenty-three minutes next week and then so on and so on. Sometimes it's Cheech Marin, playing the father of the bride (the impossibly pretty, for Rob Schneider anyway, Claudia Bassols), who is Mexican while Rob Schneider is not Mexican. Sometimes it's poor old Abuelita who is Mesxican while Rob Schneider is not. Or, hey, it's weird cousin Hector who's Mexican and, oops, cue laughter, Rob Schneider is not. Around and around and around we go, with illegal immigration jokes and tequila jokes and guacamole jokes. Yes, guacamole! You know, like what Mexicans eat.

This isn't some screed about how this show is offensive — though it very possibly is — it's really just that it's so lazy, so crappily done, like so many shows this season. What is going on, exactly? Why, in one year, do we have this sudden surge of ugly, unpleasant multicamera shows? 2 Broke Girls, How to Be a Gentleman, Whitney, Are You There, Chelsea?, and now this. It's not that they're multicamera that makes them bad (though, honestly, that doesn't help), it's just that they're all so cheap and tacky, aren't they? It's a strange trend that probably won't be repeated next year, so we shouldn't get too worried, but it seems dumb now that last year we were complaining about all the "shows about friends and relationships" (Perfect Couples, Happy Endings, Mad Love, etc.) when really they were so much better than any of this stuff.

What will next year's strange trend be? Maybe shows about Washington D.C. Or perhaps shows about "frenemies." (Please no.) Whatever it is, we're sure we'll be complaining about it! Though we should never forget this particularly terrible season, lest we ever let it happen again. 

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