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By some strange twist of events, we found ourselves cruising around eBay today where we found one genuine, handmade, hand-painted, "high quality fiberglass resin" Guy Fawkes mask. There are five available and it's only $59 (plus $16 for shipping from Thailand). Oh, and did we mention it's paintball-proof? Not quite bulletproof but it's a sure sign that the Anonymous affiliates around the world are getting more aggressive. The mask happened to hit our radar just 24-hours after the hacktivist collective and Guy Fawkes mask-wearing crew launched it's biggest cyber attack ever, an act of vengeance for the Feds shutting down MegaUpload that would not have been out of place in V Is For Vendetta. That said, we sincerely hope nobody will ever have to produce or use a bulletproof Guy Fawkes mask.

As for the mask itself, it's pretty cute-looking from the front, with the pink cheeks and all.






However, the view from the back reminds us of that Leonardo DiCaprio movie, the one where the star plays a man in an iron mask. What's it called again?





Once it's on a human, it's pretty scary, actually. Covering it in splats of paintball paint would make it even worse.

Bid now, only 23 days left in the auction!

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