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The first time you look at Lana Del Rey's face, you can can't help but feel sort of bad for her. She's very pretty -- often well coiffed and wearing stylish clothes, gold jewelry and looking gracefully forlorn -- but her upper lip seems swollen in a permanent pout. And exactly one week after we discovered the Internet sensation and very recent Saturday Night Live guest, Gawker's Brian Moylan tells us that her biggest hit, a heart-breaking love song called "Video Games," is being called a rip off of a very obscure, very grainy Greek music video.

Who knows if the claim is accurate; it's from the Internet, after all. Even Gawker sounds sincere in doubting whether or not the mini-scandal is really a thing. "I only really hear it in the first line of the Greek lady's vocals, but that's about it," writes Moylan. "Gaga goes through this same thing every time she releases a single too."

But this is really just a big punctuation mark on the worst week ever for Lizzy Grant, the real girl behind the Internet creation that is Lana Del Rey. (Perhaps this one: ?!) As Lady Gaga would surely tell the budding star, this is what happens when you get famous. Let's look at Del Rey's historically bad SNL appearance:

What followed was to be expected. The Internet piled on with the insults and then it was Gawker who primed the ridicule with a controversial blog post from newly minted editor-in-chief A.J. Delaurio. It was a pretty simple post idea; Brian Williams sent an email to Gawker's Nick Denton, wondering why his editors didn't totally pan Del Rey for her troubled performance on SNL. Gawker promptly posted the email in full, sparking a fresh round of ridicule from the site's commenters. This prompted yet more ridicule elsewhere on the Internet, eventually leading to Friday's post, spotting the rip-off rumor.

Nevertheless, we feel sort of bad for Del Rey. It's probably not her fault that everyone's making fun of her. Being an Internet celebrity can really stink sometimes. She hasn't even released an album -- though she's already sold out the Bowery Ballroom and earned a (very worthwhile) profile on The Awl -- but she's really starting to become a victim to the Internet's ability to dig up dark secrets. The worst part about the situation for Del Rey is that it never lets up and never ends.

Oh and that upper lip? The Internet tells us it's bad plastic surgery.

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