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Jon Stewart used yesterday's online protests to weigh in on the Stop Online Piracy Act last night, which actually seemed to put him in a tough spot. On the one hand, his loving parent company, Viacom, very much supports the piracy bill, with Stewart joking that the company lawyers have been calling him all day about today's bit. (It isn't hard to imagine that that's true.) But on the other hand, isn't re-appropriating other people's work (something you couldn't do online under SOPA) what Stewart's been doing for years? "You know when I see a greedy, free-loading stooge who lacks the capacity to create his own original content and steals from others and rationalizing it by claiming fair use, it makes me f---ing sick," Stewart says as old clips of him roll. His faux indignation as he says it, though, lets us know he isn't too thrilled about SOPA.

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