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On Wednesday Jon Stewart tackled the 1-2-3 finish of Romney, Paul, and Huntsman in New Hampshire, so last night he made sure he didn't ignore the always-lovable and ever-make-fun-able Newt Gingrich, who came in fourth. Did we say "always lovable"? Well not in this instance. Stewart skewers Gingrich for magnanimously offering to lecture the NAACP about food stumps last week. But oh, that's hardly the only time Gingrich has said dumb things, Stewart points out. There was that time he called Spanish the "language of the ghetto," the time he was skeptical about women serving in combat because of their periods, and the time he called Palestinians "invented." And he's puzzled why his once-high polling numbers didn't have staying power.


And normally, we just bring you one clip from The Daily Show, but John Oliver's segment with pundit Froma Harrop illustrated the problems of punditry so well that we'd be remiss if we didn't include it.

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