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NBC's Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt offered woebegone fans of NBC's Community a hint of hope, saying the show "is coming back, " in an interview with The Daily Beast. "We just had to get some stuff moved around for midseason, but it’s not going anywhere. I can’t say anything about next season yet..." Greenblatt says, according to The Daily Beast's Jace Lacob. This is good news, but it won't do everything to soothe Community's rabid, flash-mobbing, evangelical fan base, which has launched quite the campaign in support of the show after NBC pulled it from the mid-season schedule. Fans want the show to be renewed, they probably won't be satisfied with just the completion of the current season. And's Tim Surette cautions, "as anyone in the TV industry knows, the standard PR game is to calm fears now and worry about the truth later." Still, Greenblatt's sunny tone doesn't sound like one we'd take if we knew we were about to cancel a show and elicit even more flash mobs and woe. We'd be lowering expectations, not raising them. So feel a little glow of warmth in your heart, Community fans, but not too much. Not yet. And cool it with the flash mobs.

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