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The Denver Post reports that Carmen Lucette Tisch has been charged for leaning against a $30 million painting at the Clyfford Still Museum on Dec. 29 with her buttocks exposed, before punching it then collapsing and urinating on herself. She was, if you hadn't yet guessed, "apparently drunk." The painting is Stil's "1957-J-No. 2," partially pictured above, and the woman has caused an estimated $10,000 of damage to it, according to a statement from the museum. But all is not lost for "1957-J-No. 2"! One art gallery owner tells the Post that if properly restored, this may actually be a net gain for the painting:

Whether the damage affects the painting's value, however, depends on several factors, including whether it remains a museum piece or goes on the market. Sometimes such damage becomes part of [a] piece's history, [the gallery owner] said.

Living art! History! Everyone wins! Except of course Tisch who, if guilty, neither will nor deserves to benefit from this little bout of art world infamy. 

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