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Welcome to the Smart Set. every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: There are more reports about what sent Demi Moore to the hospital, NBC is looking at giving Dwight Schrute his own show, DC's mayor chooses his girlfriend's birthday over the State of the Union, and a sad end to the tale of John Travolta's missing classic car.

Demi Moore's publicist is blaming "exhaustion" for her trip to the hospital trip on Monday night, but a source tells TMZ that the actress was  "doing whip-its" and had a bad reaction to the nitrous oxide she inhaled. Another source tells People that when emergency workers arrived at Moore's house, she was "having what seemed like seizures."  Sources also are telling People that Moore's use of prescription drugs (as opposed to drugs found in spray cans) was "a contributing factor to the end of their marriage" to Ashton Kutcher. [TMZ and People]

NBC is considering a possible spin-off of The Office built around Rainn Wilson's Dwight Shrute character. It would begin airing at midseason in 2013. The proposed show, which Wilson is developing with Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein, would have Dwight "living at the Schrute family beet farm and bed & breakfast" and interacting with various cousins and neighbors. Deadline notes that "no deals have been closed yet ," but producers are planning to set-up the potential spinoff in an Office episode later this season. [Deadline]

John Travolta's 1970 Mercedes Benz 280-SL -- which went missing in September -- has been found. In pieces. Santa Monica police found "numerous pieces" of the classic car in a local chop shop. The rest of the car is either still out there somewhere, waiting for to be gruesomely by a kid playing in a field, or has been stripped and sold for parts. Investigators arrested two suspects in connection with the theft last month. [Fishbowl LA]

Washington, D.C. mayors rarely are invited to attend the State of the Union address, so it was something of an honor when Vince Gray scored an invite to Tuesday's speech. Unfortunately, he had to pass. A spokesman said he had "family function" to attend. What they really meant was he had to go to girlfriend Linda Mercado Greene's birthday party at Cafe Milano in Georgetown. He was one of "about 40 people" who gathered in the restaurant's private room upstairs, and according to witnesses, he "breezed past" all the regular diners, while Marion Berry took the time to "work the room." [The Reliable Source]

Reuters has hired veteran Supreme Court reporter Joan Biskupic away from USA Today. She'll serve as Legal Affairs Editor-in-Charge, which is a mouthful. Biskupic had been at USA Today since 2000. Before that, she spent eight years covering the court for The Washington Post, and has also written two excellent biographies of Antonin Scalia and Sandra Day O'Connor. [Fishbowl NY]

This is the kind of news we like to start our day with: John Mayer has been "bumped" from the closing performance slot at April's New Orleans Jazz Fest in favor of Bruce Springsteen. According to a source, organizers made the decision after realizing that letting John Mayer be the closing act instead of Bruce Springsteen "would have been a disaster" on all counts. [The Daily

Director Brett Ratner apparently wants to make a movie about "the real" Michael Jackson. Based on his brief stint as producer of the Oscar telecast, we think all Brett Ratner projects should be considered tentative until the Teamsters arrive on the set, but it seems he's somewhat serious about this one, and has even met with Frank Cascio, author of the Jackson biography My Friend Michael, the inside flap of which promises to refute refute all those "rumors, lies and accusations" regarding the singer. So don't expect a nuanced and penetrating showbiz biopic. [New York Daily News

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