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In upstate New York, the supermarket chain Wegman's was happily running commercials featuring an anecdote Alec Baldwin told about his mom on Late Night, but after just "a few dozen" customers complained, the chain pulled the ad spots. Apparently the actor's visage didn't go over well after his outburst in an American Airlines plane last month. What's odd is how few customer complaints it took for Wegman's to yank the ad spot. "We did get customer complaints because it was all timed with the incidents," Wegman's spokeswoman Jo Natale told Rochester's ABC 13. "We always listen to customers. We didn’t get hundreds of complaints, but a few dozen." Mediaite was quite hurt about the whole thing: "Everyone makes mistakes; come on, Wegman’s, please reconsider." Frankly, the whole Baldwin-as-hometown-hero thing seemed a little gimmicky, couched in the irony of his big-city slickster image from 30 Rock. But Baldwin's mom is kind of funny:

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