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Gawker's John Cook reports today that Fox News host Bill O'Reilly had him ejected from a book signing, in the continuing saga between Cook and O'Reilly. Cook wrote a fun expose in August about how O'Reilly tried to influence the Nassau County Police Department into investigating a detective he suspected of carrying on an affair with his wife. On Wednesday, Cook details the ensuing wrangling with O'Reilly's people and the NCPD for more records, but here's the key scene at the book signing on Monday night in a Manhasset, New York, Barnes & Noble:

'Reilly himself had only a brief comment ...He said only "This guy has to leave" to his security guards, who promptly ejected me from the event. When I asked the guards for the copy of Killing Lincoln that I purchased to gain access to the event, and which I had already handed to O'Reilly to be signed, O'Reilly said, "Don't give him the book." He wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

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