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As hot as Ryan Gosling is, his bubble, like all fragile soapy wonders, must pop -- that's just how bubbles work. Some rabid Ryan Gosling fans might argue that the "RyGos" fervor hasn't reached its final heights. But by the very scientific Tumblr measurement, via Tumblr headquarters, the bubble is real.

Unfortunately for Ryan Gosling and his fans, physics demands a downward trajectory for the beloved -- and very, very good looking -- celebrity.

The recent uptick in Ryan Gosling-related Tumblrs isn't the only indication that we're approaching the limit of Gosling-fan-mayhem. The "Hey Girl" meme (example on the right) has officially exploded, branching off into some odd directions. There's a Gosling for everyone, with  Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling, Law School Ryan Gosling, and Feminist Ryan Gosling to name a few. But it goes beyond one meme. The Internet loves him. The most recent (and hilarious) Drunk History featured Ryan Gosling, which of course, spawned even more Gosling-related Internet memes, GIFs included. And when the undeniably sexy man did not grace the cover of People magazine as the "sexiest man alive," fans got rabid. He's also got that movie-star of the moment thing going-on, appearing in what feels like every movie. 

And Gosling's playing it up. As he should, because this will not last. We'll eventually see beyond those abs, eyes, hair, and fake accent and hate ourselves for ever having loved him so much, as the Awl's Ben Dolnick puts it while describing another celebrity bubble. "Cultural bubbles, like economic ones, leave us sheepish, and angry, and feeling obscurely (or not so obscurely) duped," he writes. He gives The Office as an example. "I wouldn’t, I don’t think, feel quite so queasy about Ricky Gervais—I wouldn’t greet his embarrassingly self-aggrandizing tweets, or his unfunnily nasty Golden Globes appearances, with quite such unhappiness—if I hadn’t, however many years ago, convinced myself that The Office was not merely an excellent show but a kind of comedic paragon," he writcontinues. That, too, will apply to Gosling, some time in the not so distant future. And if he's lucky, the aftermath won't be so bad. Look at what happened to Leonardo Dicaprio, he's still a respectable actor. 

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