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Last night, Jon Stewart huddled with Larry Wilmore to see if they could figure out GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich's "ideas" about child labor laws: that underprivileged kids should clean bathrooms or do other work at their schools. The Daily Show host played a sort-of mock devils advocate for Gingrich as the candidate clarified and walked back some of his recent comments that "Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works." And, line-by-line, Wilmore then deciphered the candidate's code-speak about poor neighborhoods to interpret as being directed toward mostly inner city black neighborhoods and untangled the Republican's logic: "So, his plan to fix America is for black kids to start cleaning toilets? ... This is unbelievable Jon, he wants to get kids jobs by firing their parents from one of the few jobs they could get to support their kids." 

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