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The return of Jimmy Fallon to Saturday Night Live, this time in the role of host, occasioned the return of two characters representing the greatest paean to (and/or slander of) greater Boston culture: Sully and Denise attempt to crash their old high school's holiday dance. They're trying to rekindle the magic of their second date. (The site of their first date is out, as "that patch of woods is now a PetSmart.")

In other news, Jesus really is intervening to deliver fourth-quarter wins for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Nonetheless, the savior would really appreciate it if the quarterback would "take it down a notch."

Samberg impression Number One: Andy Samberg draws the task of impersonating Jimmy Fallon, and then impersonating Fallon's impersonation. (Should have brought protective eyewear.)

Samberg impression Number Two: A bemused-looking Jude Law goes "In the Cage" with Samberg's Nicolas Cage. We all, as patriotic Americans, must stand together against him doing to the Statute of Liberty what he just threatened to do.

And finally: The Weekend Update Joke-Off. Killer.

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