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Every day The Atlantic Wire highlights the videos that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention. Today: Various political interpretations of Obama's baby moment, Ron Paul makes a woman cry, a 100 percent awesome little girl, and a crime fighter to look up to

On Christmas Obama had a moment (below) and depending on one's political inclinations that moment could help or hurt the president's image. While meeting with families in Hawaii, a baby boy stuck his hand in Obama's mouth -- at least that's one way of spinning the story. We've thought of some other possible interpretations.

  • Obama Eats Babies
  • Baby Attacks President
  • Tea Party Baby Protests Presidents Empty Socialist Hawaiian Photo Op
  • Liberal Baby Has Had Enough of Obama's 'Talking'
  • Baby Occupies President's Mouth

Pick your favorite and continue building up your image of our President as you like. [ABC News]

All you need to know about this clip is that Ron Paul makes a woman cry. Yes, that adorable Ron Paul. (See: portrait to the right.) How could that wiry man, who loves weed and isolationism hurt a soul? Well, at least one woman finds his policies offensive enough to illicit Christmas tears. After receiving his book Liberty Defined as a holiday gift, Emily doesn't like what she reads. Then, she cries. [Daily Intel]

"This little girl is 100 percent awesome," writes Gizmodo's Mat Honan on his tumblr. We agree. What it took gender studies classes and years of mom lectures to learn, this enlightened girl already understands. Why boys like superheros and girls don't. [Buzzfeed, via Mat Honan]

We like to imagine that when confronted with a criminal, we'd fight back. It doesn't generally go down like that. But today, we have a hero. When a thief came into his store, We Buy Gold employee Derek Mothershead handled it.  [The Daily What]

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