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Every day The Atlantic Wire highlights the videos that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention. Today: A sobbing mob of "sad" women at Kim Jong Il's funeral, former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson is scared of Arabs ... again, Al Roker on man candy.

There's only one explanation for the outpouring of emotion expressed by these women at the passing of a ruthless dictator at his funeral today in Pyongyang. Someone paid them off. How do we know they're getting paid? Overacting. [Daily Intel]

If her ukulele tunes about Sharia law and rants comparing Obama to Hitler weren't enough convincing that former SNL star Victoria Jackson has come a long way from headstands on Weekend Update, the following video should clear things up. She has gone from crazy in a goofy, fun way, to crazy in a scary, conspiracy theory way. Below watch a train wreck discuss the Arab conspiracy plotting to conquer America. [BuzzFeed]

In this AOL spot "You've Got Mancandy" -- get it? -- NBC veteran weatherman Al Roker discusses his definition of "man candy," specifically citing Ryan Gosling as an example. (Yet more provof that we've reached peak Ryan Gosling.) The more weathermen proclaim their love for RyGos the close that bubble comes to bursting. [Vulture]


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