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The downing of the super-secret RQ-170 drone in Iran resulted in plenty of head-scratching reports about how it happened, so Jon Stewart offered his own theories for why the aspiring nuke nation now has our spy technology. Naturally, Daily Show ideas run the gamut from fictional C.I.A. spy cats named Nutmeg errantly finding their way onto a drone operator's keyboard, to the notion that the U.S. was crafty enough to give away the "Trojan" drone as one big joke on Iran. Ha, ha, right? Well, it's better than contemplating the notion that Iran can learn quite a lot about our spy technology from the drone if it's intact, or that the U.S. was mulling a covert strike to recover it. At the very least, Stewart's gallows humor added a little levity to the whole situation: "So, not only did we not find out if Iran was developing dangerous new technology, we inadvertently gave them our dangerous new technology. Oh, irony."


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