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Sure, like everyone else, Jon Stewart spent plenty of time discussing the $10,000 Mitt Romney bet with Rick Perry, but the host also returned to a familiar narrative: Ron Paul may have "killed it" at the debate, but what kind of press did he get from it? Paul supporters know how this one ends. As Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich duked it out in the first few minutes of the segment, Stewart shifted gears to Paul, making it seem like there was a different ending for the candidate this time. "How well did Ron Paul do?" he asked. "The media, that normally acts like Ron Paul is wearing the cloak of invisibility, actually invited him to one of them Sunday talk shows. Finally, respect." Stewart then rolls the clip with Paul speaking with David Gregory, who--in his Daily Show edit, at least--can't seem to ask him about anything other than Newt-Romney and if he'll endorse someone. Not usually what a candidate would expect to hear on a talk show after a decent debate.

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