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Jon Stewart kept the tone light in his appraisal of a Bloomberg News report showing that the cost of bank bailout during the financial crisis was way bigger than anyone thought, but there seemed to be palpable outrage when he quipped: "Our government is the world's dumbest loan shark." The Bloomberg report found that the real cost of the Troubled Asset Relief Program's $700 billion cost was only part of something like $7.7 trillion that was, as we noted earlier this week, doled to lenders. In order to manage his outrage at every newsreel he played, the host resorted to slapstick: breaking pencils, turning a lump of coal into a diamond by crushing it, replaying the opening sequence of Star Wars to illustrate Bloomberg's numbers. Eventually, he remarked: "The government was selling dollar bills to to the banks for 97 cents, and the banks had the balls to bonus their employees for being smart enough to go, 'Ok'. For banks it's a perpetual money machine."

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