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It's the time of the year for new features, and Jon Stewart just launched one called "Balls of the Week," a dubious prize that went to Barack Obama for asking Iran for our spy drone back. There wasn't much other competition for a distinction that was faux-sponsored by Lowes (see here). The other Daily Show nominees included obvious choice Herman Cain for having the audacity to tell Barbara Walters that his fantasy cabinet position would be Secretary of Defense and Mitt Romney for aggressively labeling Newt Gingrich as the shifty and unreliable conservative. Given those three options, it's clear why Stewart went with the one that had to do with the U.S. president politely asking the nuclear-aspiring nation he was spying on for our top-secret technology back. "You were spying on them with a drone. You acted like you just lent them Season 1 of The Wire," said the host. "It takes giant balls to ask for your spy drone back." 

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