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Appraising the one-upsmanship seen among the candidates at the Republican Jewish Coalition forum, Jon Stewart handed out a few honors for the impressive moments and docked Mitt Romney for botching a Seinfeld joke. See, Mitt thought it was a George Costanza line, but it turned out to be Jerry's. "And you got the line wrong," Stewart quipped. Other candidates did better in their Daily Show moment. Rick Santorum purchased a small Israel-related tile. "Ah, so Santorum opens with, I have one of your tchotchkes." He's topped by Rick Perry, who visited the Western Wall. "Nice, anybody can grab a duty-free tile at the airport, you went to a ruin."

And then Michele Bachmann, who shared that she worked at a Kibbutz. "We have a winner!" he exclaimed. Unfortunately, the host notes her parting words in Hebrew reminded a whole lot of the time she mispronounced "Chutzpah." So, the winner's mantle was given to Newt Gingrich, who made a joke about challenging Obama to an hours-long debate, and saying it would be ok for the president to use a teleprompter:

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