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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: The former North Carolina senator has reportedly asked Rielle Hunter to move in to his North Carolina mansion, Pippa Middleton's romantic life chronicled, and Michael Kors made himself $100 million this week.

Courtney Love might be getting evicted from the West Village townhouse she's renting, just because the landlord is accusing her of "owing $54,000 in rent, redecorating the Steven Gambrel-designed interior without permission and setting the place on fire." Love, for her part, says that her rent is current and "used a painter approved by the owner" when she repainted the house. As for the fire, Love "admits a candle started a small fire in June, but the FDNY quickly put it out." Norman Flitt, the lawyer for landlord Donna Lyon, says that if Love "doesn’t restore the property to its original condition by the end of the lease on Feb. 14, we have the right to sue her for damages." Flitt continued: "We didn’t give consent for them to do what they did to the house. It doesn’t matter what painter they used. They should be telling you what they are doing to fix it.” [Page Six]

What's going on in Pippa Middleton's romantic life this week? Well, she "supped privately" with former squeeze JJ Jardine Paterson -- "the Hong Kong banking heir" -- in Suffolk. But that's not all. Apparently there are whispers going about that she's been getting  "a tad too close to married venture capitalist Ben Goldsmith." Married venture capitalists! Hong Kong banking heirs she's already dated! Pipa, please: think of the book deal. []

The National Enquirer is reporting that John Edwards has asked Rielle Hunter and their campaign-destroying love child Quinn to come live with him in his gargantuan Chapel Hill compound. According to a source, Hunter is still  "considering" the move. This comes six months after Edwards apparently "begged" Hunter to marry him just days before he was indicted on six federal campaign finance charges. The source says Hunter turned him down at the time because she thought it "was just another way for him to protect himself," but is now reconsidering. Explains the source: "Rielle knows the trial will be tough and doesn’t want the kids [including Jack and Emma Clare, who also live with the indicted son of a millworker] to suffer, so she’s genuinely considering his offer to move into the house." It should be noted that Hunter was less concerned with the emotional welfare of the Edwards children when she was having an affair with their dad while their mother was dying of cancer.  [National Enquirer via The Daily]

The initial public offering for designer Michael Kors new company Michael Kors Ltd. raised $944 million after shares became available on Wednesday night. That was more than analysts were expecting, and "[f]or Kors personally, it means a payday of more than $100 million," which is almost enough to buy some of his own clothes. [AP]

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