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HBO announced today that it is cancelling three comedies, HungHow to Make It in America, and Bored to Death, choosing to  renew the less viewed Enlightened, and while the news is upsetting each of the shows' dedicated followings, in some cases, it feels like they should have seen it coming. For instance, #Boredtodeath started trending on Twitter after the announcement, thanks to upset fans, but then most Twitter users just chimed in with reasons they're bored out of their minds at work. (As in, "When I'm #boredtodeath nobody texts me but when I'm busy, my phone blows up.") Not a good sign that your show has penetrated the cultural consciousness ... Anyway, the Enlightened  renewal is good news for those of us who didn't tune into the first season (that's most of us) but whose ears perked up when it got a Golden Globe nomination last week. Every show should be given two seasons to catch on. (Well, not every show ..) And for those really upset at the cancellation of their preferred 30-minute HBO comedy, there looks to be a good slate of new shows for next season. Judd Apatow's Girls in particular looks promising, so hang your hat on that, all ye How to Make It fans.

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